“The Pain of Remaining the Same is
Greater than the Pain of Change”

Alvin Darien II

Professional speaker, entrepreneur, trainer, author, coach and philanthropist.  As a sought-after speaker, inspiring thousands across the nation, Alvin provides tools which enables individuals, professionals, and businesses to set realistic goals and stay focused on leadership success.

As a visionary speaker and trainer, energetic and engaging, are two words that can describe his entrepreneurial messages that promote and accelerate success.

His unique step-by-step approach, utilizing a philosophy he calls the 5 Fs: Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, and Fun, allows him to help individuals realize their ideal personal and professional goals with purpose and vision.

Business Coaching

In addition to helping individuals and families build a lasting and positive legacy, Alvin has also coached and mentored thousands of individuals and business leaders throughout the US.

Known now as being a Transformational Leader, Alvin enjoys the opportunity to serve as a global business consultant training on transformational leadership.