[ December 13, 2019 ]

Are You the Consumer or An Investor This Holiday Season.

The other day I came across a quote that really got me thinking…


“When it comes to generational wealth, your children should start where you finish, not where you began.”

This is something to truly think about. When you leave this world, will you be leaving your family with a hole or a trampoline?

Society wants us to focus on the material things during this time of year.  A new iPhone 11, new smart devices, new cars, a truckload of toys and goodies. This is the season of tangibles and liabilities. But imagine having a plan that can set you up for life! An investment your future self and your descendants will thank you for.  A plan that can set you up for a comfortable lifestyle in retirement and leave a “trampoline” for your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to stay ahead in life.  I’m talking about a blueprint combined with tools they need to create financial stability and capitalize on future opportunities as they continue on the path to creating generational wealth and a positive long-lasting legacy.

Now, I am not here to be a downer and tell you not to celebrate the holidays the way you normally would. But with the upcoming decade, it is so important to me that I plant a seed. A seed that opens your eyes and mind to the amazing opportunities available to you with a little help and guidance from a Legacy Coach such as myself.

I encourage you this season, when you set time to budget for your presents and holiday festivities, that you also allocate some of this time to invest in yourself and the ones you love.

As my gift to you, let’s work together to build a solid legacy plan. Click here to schedule your FREE discovery session with me.

Treat yourself this holiday like you’ve never done before. You owe it to yourself and your family.