[ June 28, 2019 ]

Leading from The Front

What is Leading from the front?

Leading from the front, also known as leading by example is the act of a true leader demonstrating your leadership by “going first”. Leading from the front is an example of practicing what you preach. It is not always about your numbers or personal achievements.

Why is leading from the front important?

When leading from the front, you are setting an example for your team, mentees, family, and more.

How often do you see “leaders” tell their followers to do things they wouldn’t do themselves, or give advice that they themselves would never follow? Now ask yourself, how successful that leader will be in the long run?

True leaders do not believe in asking their team to do anything they wouldn’t do themselves. Leading from the front is a great way to build trust and helps everyone become successful in the long run.

10 Most important areas to lead from the front:

  1. Family
    Set a positive example for your family.
  2. Business Systems

Make sure your business systems are simple and efficient. Do not over complicate things.

  1. Integrity
    Integrity is a key factor. Keep your word. Be on time. Be Honest. Be ethical.
  2. Event Management/Time Management
    I always say, there is no such thing as “time management.” Treat everything you’re doing as an event.
  3. Work Ethics

Similar to integrity, conduct your business in an honest and ethical fashion as you lead others to do the same.
Be willing to put in a half-a-day’s work when necessary. (12 out of 24 hours)

  1. Financial Responsibility
    Manage your money responsibly.
  2. How You Take Care of Yourself
    Leading from the front it not just how you conduct your business. Are you taking care of yourself in the process? From appearance to mental health. It’s important to take care of yourself in order to always put your best foot forward and lead the way.
  3. How You Handle Conflict

During conflict it is always important to listen. To handle any conflicts that arise you should remain calm and make sure your making decisions based on logic and not emotion.