[ October 5, 2019 ]

Building the Perfect Morning Routine that Leads to a More Productive Day

I often hear “I wish I had more time” or “There just aren’t enough hours in the day!” Are you guilty of saying this?

Truth is, and I am sure you have heard this before, we ALL have the same 24 hours in a day. So how is that that some can achieve more within this time than others?

Now, I understand that no two lives are the same, so although we may all be allotted 24 brand new hours every day, that doesn’t mean we go about them the same way. Maybe you have more responsibilities than the next person, maybe you don’t, but how exactly are you structuring your day to ensure it is as productive as you want it to be?

Busy and Productive are Two Different Things

Just because your schedule is packed for the day; does not mean you are necessarily having a productive day. This leads to the feeling you have at the end of that day of wishing you had more time. You know that feeling where you did so much, yet feel you’ve accomplished nothing.

So, what exactly are you wishing you had more time to do? Work on passion? Relax? Pick up a new hobby? Run more errands? Get more work done? Expand your business?

A Solid and Consistent Morning Routine Can Go A Long Way

If you study successful people, one thing that you’ll notice is they share similar habits— and having a daily morning ritual is one of them. For those who think they are too busy to have one, being busy isn’t an excuse. In fact, the busier that you get, the more you need one, because a morning routine sets the tone of your day.

Crafting a morning routine is a personal thing. Not everyone’s morning is the same. How you structure YOUR morning can make all the difference. As time progresses, your morning routine should evolve. If something isn’t working, change it. Don’t latch on just because someone else is doing it.

Here is a summary of my current morning routine:

  • 5 AM: Wake Up
  • 5:05 AM: Words of Affirmation
  • 5:10 AM : Make the bed
  • 5:15 AM: Read or Listen to the Bible
  • 5:30 AM: Read Min 15 Pages of a personal development book
  • 5:45 AM: Stretch and Forgive
  • 6:00 AM: Gym/ Workout
  • 7:15 AM: Prepare for the day ahead
  • 7:45 AM: Breakfast

Home Work:

You can start off small. Pick a minimum of 4-morning habits that you want to start in the morning. And begin to use them TOMORROW. You can use the list below for inspiration or create your own.

  • Wake Up at 5am
  • Drink 16 oz of water upon rising
  • 15 minutes of meditation
  • Pray
  • Movement (yoga, workout, walk, stretch)
  • Keep a daily gratitude journal
  • Plan the day ahead
  • Spend 1 hour working towards your passion (outside of your 9-5 job)
  • Take a cold shower to wake up
  • Make a healthy breakfast
  • Spend time with the family before you all separate for the day

Repeat your Morning Routine for 30 days (if you skip a day, add another day to the 30 days)

Keep a list by your bedside or in your calendar so you do not forget the ritual.

Adjust ritual as needed.