[ August 20, 2019 ]

Setting Family Goals Leads to Less Stress

Whether we admit it or not, building a strong family foundation can be filled with challenges and pitfalls, keeping families on an endless cycle of ups and downs.  Becoming overwhelmed with the many issues and schedules and commitments of life is easy to do, leading our family into a tailspin of uncertainty. While no family is perfect, there are ways to regain control of the reigns and make life more manageable and meaningful.   

Setting goals for ourselves and our families is an important first step in regaining control of the direction in which things are heading.  Taking time to sit down and contemplate who you are as a unit and what you want that unit’s experience to be in the present and in the future, is a valuable practice.  Being intentional about goals and visions for yourself and your family is the way to reconnect with our core values.

When you take the time to intentionally reflect on how you would like to grow as a family, you invest in its success by forming paths to move forward.  Thinking about what behaviors and values are important to model, where there are areas that can be strengthened, and where we see our family in the future, are all worthy of mindful thought.  Having a clear conviction on your concept of family, increases your motivation to lead.

In the practice of goal setting, it can become clear what circumstances are in need of immediate attention.  For instance, a goal of minimizing financial stress can have a tangible plan that puts a family back in control.  As much as we would like for money not to matter, it does, and is the underpinning of all families. Seeking a financial coach to assist in formulating a financial plan to reach your goals for your family is a wise option. 

But reaching out for assistance can be beneficial to more than just financial planning.  Seeking the guidance of professionals such as Alvin Darien II, who provide leadership and financial coaching, can be a game changer for your family.  Having someone on your side who is skilled and knowledgeable in planning and goal setting, can drastically reduce any sense of being overwhelmed.

Working to achieve goals helps reduce stress and puts us back in control. Approaching your family goals with intention, is well worth the investment.  When you put effort into what you would like to accomplish as an individual and as a family unit, we create roadmaps to a more meaningful life.