[ September 12, 2019 ]

Steer Clear of Bad Advice

There is nothing wrong with seeking wisdom or advice when it comes to your life, business, relationships and more, but who exactly are you turning to?

When looking for answers keep this in mind: Do not take advice from people who lack experience on the topic at hand.

Would you prefer to take relationship advice from a single person, or a couple married for years?

Do you want financial advice from someone who is struggling to make ends meet; or someone who has proven experience in saving and maintaining a consistent cash flow?

Would you ask for an opinion on your business from someone who is barely surviving their 9-5 or someone who has a thriving business?

The answers to these questions seem pretty simple, don’t they? But to be honest, most of us have taken the “wrong” option at least once or twice in our lives which have led to us being influenced by bad advice.

“I have heard people say they have received bad advice,
but I have never heard anyone say they have received bad wisdom.”
Alvin Darien II
Legacy Coach

Be very careful where you receive your counsel. If you are seeking advice from someone who is not living the life you want, seriously consider whether or not you should be listening to and taking to heart what they have to say.  By no means does this mean you should flat out ignore those who do not have the same exact goals, desires, and motivation as you; But make sure you are not following the same path if you know it will not lead you to where you want to go.

A lot of people complain about taking bad advice, but no one has ever told me they have received bad wisdom. Wisdom comes from experience, where advice, most times, comes from speculation. Therefore, most advice we receive in our day to day lives are is not meant to be taken seriously.

Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate wisdom from advice, but I have found that wisdom often resonates with you internally when you hear it. Although “gut feelings” should not be the deciding factor in all of your decisions, they can be a good guide on whether or not you should consider the input you are receiving.


The majority of broke people receive financial advice from other broke people or financial “entertainers.”

(A financial entertainer is someone who gives the same exact advice to everyone. As if financial advice was one size fits all thing, right? )

Please understand that everyone does not have the same financial DNA, so we cannot take the same advice for every financial concern.

To receive proper wisdom on finances (or other significant life topics) it is important to work with knowledgeable professionals. One who can, in turn, help you build a lasting legacy.

If you are ready to take the FIRST step towards building a positive legacy and receiving great wisdom to do so, schedule your FREE breakthrough discovery session with me, or one of my coaches. We can help you uncover your Financial DNA, discuss your financial mindset, and create a plan to help you build a solid legacy for generations to come.

My goal as a legacy consultant and coach, is to understand your individual and/or family’s financial goals and vision (amongst other goals) and help you build your positive long-lasting legacy.

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