[ November 14, 2019 ]

Practical and Effective Techniques to Motivate Your Team

Do you know of any creative and unique ways to motivate your team? If not, you may find your results flatline.

Studies show people are the most productive when they are happy with their careers and when they are emotionally engaged in the company’s culture. Leading and motivating a team are two things that need to be done exceptionally well to continue seeing success and growth in your business.

If your team isn’t motivated, they aren’t going to remain with you for a long. If you have a team that is completely indifferent or uncaring about the work they are doing, they aren’t going to go above and beyond to ensure it’s done well. If you are a business leader, you need a cache of strategies you can use to effectively motivate your team.

If you are ready to learn more, and ensure your team is properly motivated, here are a few tips:

Listen to Your Team

This is especially important when it comes to roadblocks that may be keeping your team from working effectively . It’s a good idea to conduct regular team meetings or brainstorming sessions that allow you team to open up, express their concerns, and pitch some ideas. This shows them that you value them and take their concerns seriously. Remember, your team is a representation of you. This means any obstacles that hinder them from working effectively can have an impact on your business as a whole.

Reinforce Your Business’s Purpose and Core Values

It’s important that your team is  clear on why the company exists and that they understand its mission, vision, and core values.  They should also know what your purpose is, as their leader and mentor. If there isn’t a bigger picture behind what you and your business stands for besides making profits, it’s going to be challenging to motivate your team. You need them to believe in your business and to believe in you.

Show Respect

Regardless of their, seniority, working style or ranking are, it is important that you be respectful. If there is someone who perceives favoritism, this can be a catalyst for dysfunctional behavior and team breakdowns.

These are just a few ways to keep your team motivated and engaged that will work for you no matter which industry you are in. To hear my entire list, listen to “How To Retain A Team” on the Legacy Movement Podcast below!